Blooming Infertile Soil - #InfertilityAwareness

I enjoy taking part in a Tuesday Night Fertility Chat the first and third week of the month via Instagram. This past week I was able to participate as a co-host with four other wonderful women. People get involved by answering the questions that the five of us ask. Hearing the many womens’ stories is encouraging and heartbreaking all at the same time. All I know is that none of us expected to be those women, the women chatting about their heartache of infertility.

It is so easy to be naïve, to think that it will never be you. You get married, maybe wait some months or years, then say okay it’s time to have kids. You think you just start trying and boom! There’s a baby. Quick, easy, and in sync with your perfect plan. I thought so, I was naïve. I had a perfect plan. MY perfect plan? Really? Why would I ever want to trust in my own perfect plan? I have a heavenly father who knows me better than I know myself, a God who knows my needs and meets them. THAT sounds like the kind of perfect plan I want to trust. That kind of plan is where I can find complete freedom.

Oh, how important awareness is, how important it is to make sure all those women out there that are dreaming of a family in their future are aware. Aware that it’s not always a piece of cake. Aware that our bodies don’t always do what we want them to do. Aware that this world is full of sin. But not just that. I want all those women to be aware that God works through the brokenness. He says I know this world is full of sin, so I will teach you goodness through it. I want them to know that he has his own perfect plan through the trials. And let me tell you, I have learned time and time again that his plan is the very best plan.

I find it so incredible that there is such an online presence of women who want to stand beside each other through the journey of infertility. Women who share faith and stories, who encourage and love, who mourn with you and celebrate with you. No woman or couple should stand alone in this. I hate to even think about someone out there sitting in this, drowning in it, thinking they have to do it alone. They deserve the support, especially from people who can walk right beside them through it. Especially people who can point them to Jesus. I know it has been completely refreshing and inspiring for me. So if you know someone struggling in the dark chaos of infertility, point them to this community; and most importantly, point them to Jesus.

“Therefore encourage one another and build one another up, just as you are doing.”

1 Thessalonians 5:11