Blooming Infertile Soil - The Bare Bones

Alright people, our transfer is tomorrow!!!! Yes, that’s right. Tomorrow. I contemplated if I should share that with the world, but you have all been with me and us through everything so far that I figured you deserve to know. More prayer is never a bad thing either. After our transfer, I probably update about it for a little while because, honestly, it’s just a lot of waiting! So all you prayer warriors out there, add us to your list! For a miracle, for our hearts to be prepared for anything, for our sanity, for our eyes to be on our Father, etc etc. The love we have for the people who have and are continuing to support us is unreal.

So back about a year ago, we decided that we wanted to take some time to try and pursue the natural side of infertility. This can do with diet, lifestyle, products you use, supplements you take, and the list goes on. Sadly, we had to end up pursuing more invasive help, but I would not change taking that time for anything. It was so beneficial in so many ways. I was saying yesterday that as hard as this infertility journey has been, I wouldn’t give back this time because God has seriously shaped me into the woman that he wants me to be and that I feel confident and comfortable being.

I learned that gluten doesn’t like me. It just doesn’t. I can eat it and not break out in hives, but my tummy and acid reflux are not happy with me for a while. Dairy doesn’t do much better, and I haven’t needed all that extra mucus and estrogen increasing that can come with eating it. Basically, I have become a very difficult person to cook for, but it is what my body needs, and I feel so much better!

Cole and I started taking vitamins and herbal supplements and probiotics. Our bodies have felt more energetic (good ol’ b-complex) and more regular (probiotics for the win) and overall healthier. We also love our magnesium calm magical sleepy time drink. Yes, please! And I love my at-home science experiment – my lovely kombucha.

So along the way I obviously did a lot of research. I learned about things that I was ingesting or having around me that could have been the culprit for why our infertility is such a struggle and why my hormones can’t figure themselves out. One of the big things when it comes to this for us is avoidable chemicals and fragrances in every day products. I seriously could not believe the affect some of these things can have on little girls developing bodies and the interworking’s of our bodies every day.

Fast forward to the oily life I now lead. I seriously had this moment with God when He said I want you to go back to the bare bones of it all. I am so thankful for the people he has put on this earth to create life changing medications (obviously) and products, but I think at some point he wants us to still cherish this lovely world he gave us. So as I dig deeper into every little useful thing that comes straight out of the soil and plants of his creation, I am slowly (it’s a process) replacing unnecessary chemicals with essential oils. Being oily is seriously so FUN and rewarding!

“He causes the grass to grow for the cattle, and herb for the service of man: that he may bring forth food out of the earth.”

Psalm 104:14

I never want our future kiddos to have to be in the place that we are in, especially if it was preventable. You just don’t wish this on anyone. I am so thankful for the time that God has given us to see exactly how he wants us to live. Our family.

As I go into tomorrow, I am trying to meditate on all that my Heavenly Father has done so far. He has taught us so much in this journey. He has grown our marriage and given us the exact relationships and sweet friendships that we need. He has turned our home into a safer and healthier place. He has shown us what is important in our life and what we know we need to give to our future kids. He has pulled our hearts in directions we never thought we would be led and can’t wait to see what he does as he pulls them more and more. So instead of walking into tomorrow with fear, I want to walk into it with excitement from deep inside of me that is so ready to see what else he is going to do. What he is capable of and what he has for us is beyond anything we can ever imagine. So give us more, Jesus, give us more and don’t stop teaching us!